Post 4, April 3 2020 07:32:36 PM

Sorry for the deep title...

Lately as I produce artwork I have been beginning to think where does it start and where does it end. Stuck in my house throughout this quarantine I have been beginning to fight against a common enemy I feel a lot of people have been battling. Productivity. It amazes me how much I can get into my head about productivity. I recall being able to pull myself out of productive wells where I've dug myself into a ditch of late work and deadlines. This realization of my vigor in these times have often made me think-- what if I do that all of the time? What could I become? And sooner or later it hits me and I am riding on the high of fantasy. What would it look like if I became the unstoppable 'productive man'. After digesting all these ideas of what I have become I realize that I just did the exact opposite and wasted 20 minutes of my time. As a promise to myself: 'I'm going to try to tough it out- use this time to get in shape, start reading books, and work on personal projects' said half of the entire earth as well. We will see what happens but there can only be a certain amount of netflix that a person can watch before it gets extremely boring, and I may reach that record. Anyway enjoy the first step: a piece I title 'Face Productivity'.

Medium: digital. Price: $400


Post 3, March 15 2020 06:35:20 PM

Living in your own world? Is that bad?

Throughout my life I have found myself to be a suprisingly creative person, but sometimes it feels like I am drifting away in my own world simply daydreaming. As spring break rolls around I am met with a problem. Am I able to do things that I talk about? Is this how my life is going? Do I need a degree? And when these thoughts get to me I simply re-center. But these past few days I have found myself unable. One of the most important traits in my opinion is to be able to walk away from an extremely antagonizing situation where you may be upset. But I just cannot walk away this idea of getting old scares me, and throughout the years I understand how scary this life stuff could be. However to focus on the artwork, this piece reflects how busy the world is around me as well as how I actually feel behind it all.

Medium: digital. Price: $4500

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